Skinneeez Plush Dog Toy

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Skinneeez Plush Dog Toy

Enjoy hours of entertainment flip flopping this stuffing free Skinneeez toy. Skinneeez have 2 squeakers - 1 in the head and 1 in the tail for double the fun.

• Choices: Arctic Animals (Mini Only), Duck (Large Only), Flying Squirrel (Mini Only), Fox, Giraffe, Jungle Cats (Large Only), Rabbit (Large Only), Racoon, Skunk, Squirrel, and Wild Goose (Mini Only)

The CRINKLERS Cow toy was designed strategically with a crinkling material on the inside to provide your dog with that extra level of stimulation and enjoyment. When he tugs on this furry friend he is creating an amazing crinkling sound that will keep him coming back for more! It will keep him busy playing for hours. 

Item Description Price
SKINSM Skinneeez Mini Toy $9.98
SKINLG Skinneeez Large  Toy $13.55
SKINSM Skinneeez Mini Crinklers Cow $9.00
SKINLG Skinneeez Large Crinklers Cow $12.95


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