PVC Portable Jump Set Extras

3 Foot | 4 Foot | 5 Foot

SKU: 4180

PVC Portable Individual Jump Extras

Constructed of durable, outdoor grade plastic, these jumps are designed to be sturdy to use, easy to setup and lightweight to carry. Perforated high jump boards reduce the wind resistance. Dual Lock fasteners attach the bar and boards to the uprights. Boards & bar are quickly, easily attached by simply pressing them against the Dual Lock strips on the uprights. Uprights are interchangeable.

Item# PVC Portable Individual Jump Extras Price
  3 Foot Widths  
JP31 3' High Jump (only) $74.00
JP32 3' Bar Jump (only) $54.00
JP33 3' Broad Jump (only) $83.00
JP36 3' Extra Board Set $34.00
JP37 3' Extra Bar $15.00
  4 Foot Widths  
JP41 4' High Jump (only) $84.00
JP42 4' Bar Jump (only) $56.00
JP43 4' Broad Jump (only) $90.00
JP46 4' Extra Board Set $41.00
JP47 4' Extra Bar $17.75
  5 Foot Widths  
JP51 5' High Jump (only) $94.00
JP52 5' Bar Jump (only) $64.00
JP53 5' Broad Jump (only) $100.00
JP56 5' Extra Board Set $52.50
JP57 5' Extra Bar $21.00

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