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Control Unleashed Book 3: Reactive to Relaxed

Since 2007, when Control Unleashed: Creating a Focused and Confident Dog was first published, the science—and the art—of Control Unleashed® has been guiding handlers all over the world as they help their "dogs with issues" learn how to relax, focus, and work off-leash reliably in stimulating or stressful situations.

Disc Dog Freestyle Tricks

Mare Potts is a World Class Disc Dog Handler that has been training and competing in Canine Disc for over a decade.

Scent Fun & Barn Hunt

Two canine sports that use your dog's natural ability and behavior. You and your dog will love learning Scent Fun and Barn Hunt, for competition or just for fun!

The Art of Proofing

From $17.95

Steppin' Up to Success

From $36.59