Head of the Class

The only dog-training guide for kids written by a teen!
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Author Kate Eldredge, age 15, knows what it takes for a kid to raise and train a dog--she's been parenting pooches since she was 7. It's a big responsibility, but it has awesome rewards (besides all those wet, slobbery kisses). When you're your dog's caregiver, provider, and trainer, your dog will be your loyal playmate, protector, and confidant for life!

 In this book, Kate gives you the scoop on:

*Choosing the right dog for your family

*Getting the house ready and establishing a routine

*Teaching basic household manners

*Feeding and caring for your dog

*Dealing with health problems

*Showing your dog

*Activities like obedience trials, sports, and community service

Kate's mom, a veterinarian, provides valuable information. A "For Parents Only" section at the end of each chapter tells adults how they can help without taking over. 

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