Dog Health & Nutrition for Dummies

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You do everything you can to maintain your optimum health. Doesn't your best friend deserve the same? Your dog's a member of the family and needs the same attention to health and nutrition as you do to stay healthy, be happy, and live longer. However, it's easy to get lost in the pet store's sea of dog products, passing aisle aftersisle of dog food. Keeping your dog healthy or getting her back on the road to good health doesn't have to be difficult, though. Dog Health and Nutrition for Dummies makes it easy to make sure your canine is living a healthy lifestyle. It gives you expert tips and advice on: Basic Canine healthcare, Feeding your dog, Recognizing and trating common maladies, Caring for the canine senior. Author M. Christine Zink, DVM PhD is a specialist in canine sports medicing and professor at The Johns Hopkins University, but above all a dog lover.


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