The Max200 General Catalog of Products offers our Monthly Specials, Our Gift Certificates, First Aid Kits, all sorts of Books, CD's, DVD's, Dog Beds, Dog Trtaining Toys, Fleech Leashes, Floating dummies, Grooming Tools, Mid-West Crates and a slew of Dog Toys just for fun. We offer all of the "other" products that we do not have in the Agility Catalog or Obedience Catalog of products. If you can't find what you are looking for in the other product catalogs you can find it here in the General Catalog of Products. If you do not find it here, give us the call and we will get it for you!

CONTROL UNLEASHED-Creating a Focused and Confident Dog


Agility Bible by Bonny Quick

In Agility Bible, top international trainer and handler Bonny Quick reveals how to get the best from your dog—from foundation training through to the competition ring. Her success comes from treating every dog as an individual, and her unique insights make for effective and enjoyable learning.

Canine Massage in Plain English

We owe it to our dogs to give them the best care we can possibly give. Massage is much more than just a tool to help your dog relax and feel good. It has important health benefits.
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