Indoor Agility Trial Sounds CD

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Indoor Agility Trial Sounds by Dean Lake CD

This recording of an agility trial was digitally mastered at an indoor equestrian arena. It contains teeters flopping, dogs barking, people talking, weavers clapping, buzzers, fluorescent light ballasts, birds in the rafters, applause, equipment being assembled. There’s even the perennial yapping dog 2 bays down that everyone has to put up with.

This recording is helpful for new and shy dogs. Or for working on ring problems like line creep. Simulate that show environment for your dog! Extreme high quality makes the training more effective and the sound more believable. No voice overs or sweetening have been added to the tracks. Only the exact sounds are there.

Two tracks at the end are included for dogs who are shy with contact equipment and teeter. Use these at low volume during meals to desensitize your dog.

• Track 1: Jumpers class with a course familiarization going on in the other ring. Duration: 12:41
• Track 2: Standard class. Duration: 48:37
• Track 3: Teeter closeup sounds. Duration: 2:46
• Track 4: Contact equipment closeup sounds: Duration 1:17

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