Dog Walk Planks Only

SKU: F-2210

Dog Walk Planks Only

Set of three planks - 1 middle plank plus 2 ramps made with our custom box channel aluminum.

Hinges are provided to attach middle plank to your bases.

Ramps come with hinges.

Item Description Price
12' Solid Planks
DWP-1-NS-ASR 12' Solid Planks - Alumaskin/Rubber without Slats $1145.00
DWP-1-WS-ASR 12' Solid Planks - Alumaskin/Rubber with Slats $1185.00
12' Split Planks
DWP-2-NS-ASR 12' Split Planks - Alumaskin/Rubber without Slats $1260.00
DWP-2-WS-ASR 12' Split Planks - Alumaskin/Rubber with Slats $1310.00
8' Planks are also available... (Call for information)


 Please allow 12-14 weeks for completion of equipment

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