4 Piece A-Frame

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4 Piece A-Frame

Designed especially for people who need to fit an A-frame in their mini van or who have limited storage space, the 4-piece A-frame is built to the same standards as our 2-piece A-frame. The only difference is that each side wall is comprised of two pieces that slide together and are fastened with bolts. Additionally, the top half of the 4-Piece A-frame can be used as a mini A-frame (for the beginner young dogs or as a contact trainer for practice in a small area in the cold or excessively hot weather)

• Alumaskin:
Is an .060 aluminum sheet. It is 1/16" thick, very strong and 40% lighter than wood.


AF4CUARNS 4 Piece A-Frame Alumaskin/Rubber NO Slats  $1774.95
AF4CUARWS 4 Piece A-Frame Alumaskin/Rubber With Slats  $1799.95

Please Allow 4-6 Weeks for Delivery

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