Zoner Honer

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Zoner Honer

Does your dog have trouble hitting the contact zones? If so, these training devices may be just for you. Zoner honers are designed to be used like the training hoops described in Peter Lewis's Agility Dog International book. In addition, zoner honers are useful for teaching dogs to get onto the contact obstacles straight even when they are approaching the obstacle from an angle.

• Two types of Zoner Honers are available:
• Outdoor Zoner Honers have stainless steel, spiked tips so that you can insert them directly into the ground and
• All-purpose Zoner Honers have "feet" so they can be used either outdoors or indoors.

Both  types of Zoner Honers are made from furniture-grade PVC.

Item Description Price
ZHOD Zoner Honers - Outdoor $40.00
ZHAP Zoner Honers - All Purpose $30.00
ZHOD4 Zoner Honers - Outdoor - Set of 4 $144.00

  Zoner Honers - All Purpose - Set of 4


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