Weave Poles ( 22" or 24" Spacing, 6 Poles)

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Weave Poles (22" or 24" Spacing, 6 Poles)

No agility obstacle is more difficult for dogs to master than the poles. There are many methods of training the poles and our versatile base handles them all. The competition base is the traditional set-up where all poles are in a straight line.

Our Training/Channel base has an additional option that allows the poles to be moved away from the base to form two parallel lines for the channel method of training.

Additionally, there are different types of pole configurations: The rigid pole, favored by AKC, USDAA , CPE and NADAC and the bendable pole (WEAVE-A-MATIC) for training. Choose the type of base you want with the type of pole hardware you want. Bases come in 6 pole positions with pole spacing of 22" & 24". PVC poles are included in the price.

• Weave Poles - Complete Sets
• Rigid or Weave-a-Matic
• Standard/Competition Base
• Rigid Pole Standard/Competition Base
• Weave-A-Matic Method

While 22" and 24" spacing is allowed in all agility competitions:
USDAA, AKC, NADAC, CPE, DOCNA and UKI, 24" spacing is recommended by all of them.

Weave Pole Choices are

Tapeless Striped or Solid Color

Tapeless Striped Colors are:

Blue, Red, Purple, Green, Orange or Black

Solid Colors are:

Blue, Yellow, Purple, Red or White

Item Description 1 Unit Price 2 Units Price

6 Poles 22" with Rigid Posts

$215.00 $375.00
2106K 6 Poles 22" with Bendable Knuckles $375.00 $695.00

6 Poles 24" with Rigid Posts


$230.00 $445.00
2406BK 6 Poles 24" with Bendable Knuckles $390.00 $765.00


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