Walk N Train Head Halter

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Walk N Train Head Halter

The Walk N Train Head Halter follows the basic rule that where the head is led, the body will follow. The design and construction is based on the study of dog behavior, softly applying pressure to the bridge of the dog's nose and encouraging compliance naturally. This head halter keeps your dog from pulling because it is self correcting. By controlling forward movement through re-directing the head, it eliminates pulling with very little effort.

• Eliminates pulling and jumping
• Padded noseband for comfort
• Adjustable camlock provides the perfect fit

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HC6100 # 0-Toy $22.70 $18.15
HC6101 # 1-Small $22.70 $18.15
HC6102 # 2-Medium $22.70 $18.15
HC6103 # 3-Large $24.90 $20.85
HC6104 # 4-XLarge $24.90 $20.85
HC6105 # 5-Giant $24.90 $20.85


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