Train-Me! Training Reward Treats

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Train-Me! Training Reward Treats

Train-Me! Training Reward Treats for Dogs are soft, moist training treats that are the perfect size to use as a training reward for dogs. Succulent treats contain vitamins and are packed with approximately 18% protein for a reward that’s nutritious as well as delicious. The pouches are resealable to keep treats fresh. Made in Canada.

Key Benefits
• Perfect training treat for rewarding small dogs and puppies, with just 1.5 calories per treat
• First ingredient is meat. Contains no corn, soy BHA, BHT, or ethoxyquin
• Designed to attract, focus, motivate, and reward dogs, and speed up the learning curve
• Resealable bag with approximately 200 treats, perfect for rewarding on the go
• Delicious meat flavor in a low fat, low calorie treat that's great for repetitive training because it won't fill your dog.

Item Description Price
TRMECH Train Me! Mini Training Treats - Chicken - 4oz. $6.40
TRMEBF Train Me! Mini Training Treats - Beef - 4oz.   $6.40
TRMEBC Train Me! Mini Training Treats - Bacon - 4oz. $6.40
TRMEBF10 Train Me! Training Treats - Beef - 10oz. $8.00


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