Steel Pause Table

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Steel Pause Table

Our adjustable pause table is made from steel. It has a 36" by 36" square top with a 3" fascia. All joints are professionally welded. We then paint the table base, the tabletop frame, and all the legs with a rust-preventative primer, then powder coat everything. The table comes with appropriate set of steel legs so it can be adjusted to different heights. Individual legs allow for adjustment in case of uneven ground surface. If you need additional heights for your pause table, you can purchase the set of legs for that particular height.

While the frame of the Pause Table is Steel, the table top can be skinned with Wood, or Aluminum or the final running surface, if it is wood, it can be traditionally sand painted. Otherwise the surface can be covered with our Granulated Rubber (Wet Pour Method). Alumaskin is an aluminum coated sheet on either side of a pvc foam core. It is 1/8" thick and 40% lighter than wood.

Steel Pause Table Choices:

. AKC/USDAA Leg Set are 8", 12", 16", 20"

. UKI Leg Set are 8", 12", 16", 20", 24"

Item Description Price
PT-S-WUP Woodskin / Unpainted Steel Pause Table AKC/USDAA Leg Set $450.00
PT-S-WUPB Woodskin / Unpainted Steel Pause Table UKI Leg Set   $484.00
PT-S-AR Alumaskin / Rubber Steel Pause Table AKC/USDAA Leg Set $6200.00
PT-S-ARB Alumaskin / Rubber Steel Pause Table UKI Leg Set $654.00
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