See Saw Complete Replacement Surfaces

SKU: E-4490

See Saw Complete Replacement Surfaces

Our skins are 11 1/4" wide. We can custom make any size, but this is our standard width. When ordering specify your See Saw Length, Width, and Manufacturer. Each replacement surface is available for 36" or 42" contact zones.

• Wood Painted Replacement Surface

• Alumaskin is an .060 aluminum sheet. It is 1/16" thick, very strong and 40% lighter than wood.

• Plastaskin is a dense plastic that is equivalent in weight and thickness to wood but will never rot. 

Surface Colors available are:  Blue, Green, Purple, or Red with Yellow contact zones.

Item# Description Price
SS-RSWP-36 Wood/Painted Replacement Surface 36" $215.00
SS-RSWP-42 Wood/Painted Replacement Surface 42" $215.00
SS-RSWR-36 Wood/Rubber Replacement Surface 36" $310.00
SS-RSWR-42 Wood/Rubber Replacement Surface 42" $310.00
SS-RSPR-36 Plastaskin/Rubber Replacement Surface 36" $415.00
SS-RSPR-42 Plastaskin/Rubber Replacement Surface 42" $415.00
SS-RSAR-36 Alumaskin/Rubber Replacement Surface 36" $415.00
SS-RSAR-42  Alumaskin/Rubber Replacement Surface 42" $415.00

If you have an Older Max 200 Seesaw we strongly recommend the Plastaskin to provide more of a rigid Plank.

Please allow 10-12 weeks for delivery. 

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