Moo Tug Toy Classic

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Moo Tug Classic

This toy is udderly awesome! Moo Tugs are made from rubber sleeves that are used to milk cows, but they make great dog toys too!

The ultimate in bite stimulation is found in this toy. Dogs love to bite into the pliable rubber for a super pleasurable and satisfying experience. These toys are very stimulating for many dogs, and reinforcement inside the toy helps make it more durable, but it isn’t going to last forever.

Soft, strong nylon rope forms an easy-to-grip handle and about 8" of crazy, dog-enticing, sight stimulating fringe at the bottom. The entire toy is approximately 30" long, and the rubber area is 10.5" in length. This is another must have toy!
* great training and motivational tools
* well-seasoned with scents your dog will love-earthy barn, hay, cow and fresh milk
* stuff the cuff with treats: cheese, peanut butter, for food motivated dogs
* toys are reinforced, now strong-er and longer lasting
* dishwasher safe

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