Leather Shoelace Leads

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Leather Shoelace Leads

Finally, a narrow, lightweight lead designed specifically for training toy breeds. Despite their delicate appearance, these leads are made of the same strong, durable leather used for everything from baseball mitts to surgical supplies and like our regular braided training leads, there are no rivets or stitching to come apart.

• Available in three, four, five and six foot lengths with brass bolt snap.
• Colors available are black, white, lt. blue, green, red, brown, rust or orange.
• Please specify color and snap style when ordering.

Item Description Price Wholesale 12 or more
L318 Leather Shoelace Leads 1/8" X 3' $7.95 $6.36
L418 Leather Shoelace Leads 1/8" X 4' $8.95 $7.16
L618 Leather Shoelace Leads 1/8" X 6' $10.95 $8.76


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