"Hit It!" Electronic Running Contact Trainer Light Box

SKU: Q-2291

Electronic Running Contact Trainer Light Box 

This purchase is for the Light Box only!

Here's a way to wean yourself and your dog off the audible sound of the Hit-it box to a visual version. The Hit-it Light Box will light up when the dog hits the board and will stay lit for several seconds to give you time to check in and see if your dog hit the board and therefore touched down in the contact zone. Just exchange the original audible box with the light box and you're all set. 

The Hit It Light is an optional accessory for the Hit It Board. 

The Hit It Light is 4"W x 6"L and 2 1/8" H. The unit uses on 9-volt battery (not included). An extra bulb is included.  

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HIBP100 "Hit It!"© Electronic Running Contact Trainer Light Box $80.00
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