Folding Plastic Ring Gates

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Folding Plastic Ring Gates

A no maintenance alternative to our wood ring gates, outdoor grade PVC is lightweight and never needs painting. These stand-alone gates come with removable feet and a safety locking bar for compact storage, stanchions are not necessary. Also available with upright connectors, instead of feet, if you prefer to set up your gates with stanchions.

Complete rings include: gates, feet, safety locking bars, section connectors and corner connectors.

Uprights are available in wood, painted or un-painted, or plastic (White, Red, Blue, Yellow, Green or Purple). Please specify color when ordering.

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Item Description Price Wholesale 8 or more
R504 5' PVC Folding Ring Gate with upright connectors $55.99 $50.39
R505 5' PVC Folding Ring Gate with feet $55.99 $50.39
R509 10' PVC Folding Ring Gate with upright connectors $80.99 $72.89
R510 10' PVC Folding Ring Gate with feet $80.99 $72.89
R511 Section Connector (attaches two gates) $ 8.99 $ 8.09
R512 Corner Connector (pair creates corner) $ 9.99 $ 8.99
R513 Upright Connector (pair for each gate) $14.99 $13.49
R514 Extra Feet (pair of two) $11.99 $10.79
R918 White Plastic Stanchions $20.00 10 for $18.00
R919 Colored Plastic Stanchions $20.00 10 for $18.00
R620 Zippered Tote Bag (holds 6 gates) $40.00 -


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