Flexi Retractable Leads

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Flexi Retractable Leads 

A great way to walk or train your dog. The retractability of this lead allows your dog to run "free" while still maintaining control.

Also provides you with constant and direct contact with your dog while practicing those long distance exercises while eliminating the need to scoop up yards of trailing line.

Available in black, blue & red and expands out to 23' or 26’.

  • Note:
    The Flexi H500 is corded and the H660 H700 and H900 have tape.

    Sizes may be mixed for wholesale.
Item Description Price Wholesale 3 or more

Flexi Retractable Leads Small Flexi Classic Cord 23' (up to 26 lbs)



H660 Flexi Retractable Leads Medium Flexi Tape 26" (up to 44 lbs.) $44.89 $34.91
H700 Flexi Retractable Leads Large Flexi Tape 26' (up to 110 lbs) $47.99 $40.79
H900 Flexi Retractable Leads X-large Flexi Tape 26' (over 110 lbs) $73.80 $62.73

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