FarmTek Wireless Handswitch for Timer System

SKU: F-2390

FarmTek Wireless Handswitch for Timer System

For dog agility trials, the remote handswitch can be be used to manually start or stop the timer for gaming classes. The handswitch can also be used to control the "table timer" countdown. This is an automated table count with an accurate cadence that is spoken through the optional amplified speaker.

In this day and age of agility when course time is so important, the consistent count on the table is crucial. When the dog mounts the table, the judge simply presses the button on the wireless handswitch and the table count begins. You will hear a voice from the speaker count down from five and then say go. No matter how hot, cold, wet or tired the judge is, the count will remain consistent from dog one to dog three hundred and thirty. This is a great addition to your current Farmtek timing system. All we need is the channel of your existing system and you are good to go.

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FTWHS FarmTek Wireless Hand Switch for Timer System $125.00


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