FarmTek Scoreboard

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FarmTek Scoreboard
Spectator displays (scoreboards) from FarmTek greatly enhance spectator interest and participation in the sporting event. Scoreboards are driven by the Polaris Timer console.
The scoreboard shows the running time and the final time as displayed on the timer console. The time format on the scoreboard automatically switches to match the format selected on the timer console:

Seconds to 0.001, seconds to 0.01, minutes and whole seconds, etc.
(Note: all scoreboards can display all time formats).

Our scoreboard uses red LEDs with 7" numbers. The LED scoreboard has no bulbs to burn out, is light weight, draws very little power and is visible even in direct sunlight! The latest LED technology makes these scoreboards brighter and gives them a wider viewing angle than models made just a few years ago! 
 The Scoreboard Stand is a great way to temporarily mount either of the LED displays for better viewing. The stand extends up to 9 feet tall and folds to 44 inches for packing.
 The 7 inch LED scoreboard comes with a 50 foot data cord to connect to the timer console. Dimensions: 9" tall x 32" wide x 4" deep. Weight: 10 pounds. Power: 120 VAC, 75 W.

♦ 7 Inch LED Scoreboard
♦ Lighted digit height: 7 inches.
♦ Dimensions: 9" tall x 32" wide x 4" deep, weight: 9 pounds.
♦ Power: AC or optional battery power, 10 Watts. International voltage options available.
♦ The 7 Inch LED Scoreboard is shipped with 50 feet of cable to connect the Polaris timer console to the scoreboard.

 A custom carrying case comes with this scoreboard.
Valued at $120.00

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FTSB7 FarmTek Scoreboard Spectator Displays  $849.00

FarmTek Scoreboard Spectator Displays Wireless Interface


FarmTek Scoreboard w/Carrying Case


FarmTek Scoreboard 

w/Carrying Case and Wireless Interface



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