FarmTek Long-Range Light Curtain Timer System for Agility and FastCat

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FarmTek Long Range Light Curtain Timer System - For Agility and FastCat

If you have recently attended a dog agility trial or a FastCat event, chances are one of our timing systems was in use. And now, with the totally redesigned light-curtains, the same system can be used for either event. The new light curtains have an optical range of 20 feet - far enough to easily reach across a typical FastCat course. At the heart of our system is a Polaris timer console, specifically customized for the requirements of dog agility & FastCat trials. Our dog agility timing systems use multi-beam light curtains instead of the single-beam electric eye used for other applications. The light curtains are necessary to ensure reliable and accurate timing of dogs.

• Support for AKC, CKC, USDAA, NADAC, ASCA and AAC venues.
• The timer provides features to support Standard, JWW, T2B and FAST classes as well as gaming classes like Gamblers and Snooker.
• Convenience of wireless operation – no connections between the timer and the light curtains. Even the scoreboard and amplified speaker can be controlled wirelessly (when purchased with their respective wireless option).
• The light curtain photo-sensors ensure the leading part of the dog is reliabily and accurately detected – even with variations in dog jumping and running styles.
• The optional amplified speaker allows sounding of tones for games, for speaking "go" when the course is ready, and for speaking the table count with an accurate cadence.
• The optional wireless handswitch can be used to control the table count in conjunction with the amplified speaker. The handswitch can also be used to manually start or stop the timer if needed.
• Large spectator displays (scoreboards) are available to show the contestant's running and final time.
• The timer can provide a walk-through count down and show the count down on the optional spectator display. At expiration of the count down, a tone is sounded over the optional amplified speaker.

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FTFHLCTS FarmTek Long-Range Light Curtain Timer System $1974.00
  Includes the Polaris timing console, two pairs of long-range light curtains, four tripod stands, Cable connecting timer to PA Horn and custom hard-shell carrying case.  


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