Blogger Dog Brito!

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This book tells the true story of how "rescue dog Brito" came to live with an internationally renowned dog trainer, Denise Fenzi, and offers short stories from his life...What it's like to be Brito! These stories are cute, funny and highly relatable. The book also offers super easy training games to play with a dog to help build your relationship-written for kids! Since a primary goal of this book is to help young people see the point of view of a dog, this book would be an excellent resource if you have kids who visit and struggle to interact appropriately with your dogs. And if you like to look at beautiful pictures, there are  A Lot of those. Illustrator Jerrica Coady-Farrell did a tremendous job drawing a wide range of breeds and mixed breeds in Brito's Book. This book is writtten to a 4th grade reading level, and is appropriate to read to any child from about the age of five. 

B775 Blogger Dog Brito! $9.95
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