Bil-Jac Dog Treats

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BIL-JAC Dog Training Treats

When your dog wants a treat, make it a nutritious one. Bil-Jac soft/moist treats are manufactured using proprietary vacuum technology, in the company owned and operating manufacturing plants. Dogs just Love’em! You can use any of their soft/moist treats as a reward during training, or whenever your dog deserves a little something special.

Item Description Price Wholesale 6 or more
BJT5017 Bil-Jac Original Liver Treats 4 oz  $5.99 ea. $5.09 ea.
BJT5018  Lil-Jac Liver Treats 4 oz. $5.99 ea. $5.09 ea.
BJT7219  Bil-Jac Gooberlicious 4 oz. $5.99 ea. $5.09 ea.
BJT5013  Bil-Jac PB-nanas 4 oz. $5.99 ea. $5.09 ea.
BJT5014  Bil-Jac Yapple-nanas 4 oz. $5.99 ea. $5.09 ea.
BJT5016  Bil-Jac  Gooberlicious 4 oz. $5.99 ea. $5.09 ea.
BJT7218 Bil-Jac  Gooberlicious 10oz $6.75 ea. $6.07 ea.
BJT5015  Bil-Jac Original Liver Treats 10 oz. $6.75 ea. $6.07 ea.
BJT7240 Lil-Jac Liver Treats 10oz - Temporarily Out Of Stock $6.75 ea. $6.07 ea.
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