Aluminum Tire Jump - Standard or Breakaway

SKU: L-1430

Aluminum Tire Jump Standard or Break-A-Way  Tire 

Our Aluminum Tire Jump is extremely portable and easy to set up and break down. The frame of the tire jump is comprised of four sections of square aluminum tubing. You can set up the tire in seconds and one person can quickly change the height of the tire without assistance. With the tire jump, you receive a tire, stainless steel bolts for locking the frame sections in place, and a hook and wire and bungie cords for suspending the tire in the frame.

Announcing our Tapeless Tire for your Tire Jump. Tired of Re-Taping your Tires? So were we. Here is our Solution. Our proprietary colored drainage pipe. You can now get all the colors you could previously get when we taped the tires with the convenience of not having to re-tape them periodically.

The only tape we have now are the 4 quadrant seperators.
Offered in three options: Solid Color, Half & Half or Opposite quadrants.

Tire Colors available:
Blue, Red, Green, Yellow, Purple, Orange, and Black.

Quadrant seperators will be white unless otherwise requested.

Item# Description Price
TJ-A-TBA Aluminum Tire Jump w/Breakaway Tire $765.00
TJ-A Aluminum Tire Jump w/Standard Tire $665.00

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