Genuine Dog Gear Jitterbug Tugs

SKU: 1242

This interactive dog toy features a scrunched fleece “bug” on the end of a soft nylon leash and can be darted around on the floor to incite your dog into a game of chase and tug! The 1″ wide leash allows you to dangle, toss, and retrieve the toy without bending over. An interactive dog toy like this one is great for terriers and other energetic dogs. Total toy length is approximately 36″, and the “bug” is about 6″ in diameter. Available in assorted colors – please let us choose. This interactive dog toy is machine washable and resistant to rips and tears. All dog toys are 100% made in America and guaranteed free from workmanship or material defects.

A sheepskin Jitterbug toy. By Popular demand we created a sheepskin version of our original creation the Jitterbug. This toy is great for medium sized dogs that like jittery, jumpy, spastic toys at floor level. Jack Russel’s and terriers usually love this type of toy. The long webbing handle is 1″ wide, made from soft durable webbing that allows you to remain upright, the real sheepskin fur and leather ‘bug’ drives your furry critter gitter crazy. Get the extra motivation you need to your get your dog hoppin’.

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