USDAA 2022 Souvenir Non-Wing Jump


USDAA 2022 Souvenir Non-Wing Jump

Save your exciting memories with this USDAA 2022 Souvenir Non-Wing Jump with USDAA Cynosport vinyl logos.

We now have for sale Souviner Jumps from National Events. This USDAA 2022 Souvenir Non-Wing Jump includes the Logo from USDAA Cynosport adheared to the jumps in a specific area to show your excitement with the events for that year. Buy 1 now for your training needs as well as keeping alive the memories of USDAA Cynosport world games!

Great Gift for your trainer, your club, and for your self too!

USDAA 2022 Souvenir Non-Wing Jump

Our non-winged jumps have 3' tall uprights made from furniture-grade PVC.  The jump comes with your choice of 4' or 5' PVC striped poles.  Poles are easily displaceable and are supported by PVC Jump Cup Strips.  You can adjust the  poles in increments from 4" to 26".  The jumps are designed so that the bases can be connected to create a spread jump. The bases are removable for easy transportation and storage.

A stick-in-the-ground model is available for no extra charge.  Instead of a base, each upright has a stainless steel, spiked tip so that it can be inserted directly into the ground.

Select color of jump:
Colors: Blue, Green, Orange, Pink, Purple, Red, White, Yellow

1 Jump Only

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